Sitting In The Dark

by Old Man Crunchy

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released April 17, 2016

Thanks to: Ben,Tony, Derek, Jerrit and Ang, Mom and Dad, Kevin and Ashley, Jimmy, Cody, Todd Snider (even though I've never met him... yet), Jason and his whole family, Brittney, College students, Cid, Victoria, Cassie, Russell, Eric Dent, Taylor, the guy Taylor, Bee, Blane, Anastasia, and so many more.
Thank you Freelee The Banana Girl for giving me the inspiration to write a song, if I didn't hate you so much, this album wouldn't be here for a while



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Old Man Crunchy Denver, Colorado

Old Man Crunchy, isn’t your standard folk singer, but he is from Colorado. His tattoo’s, facial jewelry, and lazy apparel has a way of speaking to a crowd, but that is just the cover of the book. Old Man Crunchy isn't your “guy playing Wonderwall under a tree”. On record or live, his entire performance has been shaped by the grandfathers of American music... or something. ... more

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Track Name: Words Made Of Gold
when a man dies, his story ends
but we have not forgot
on his gravestone, lies a message
and that is what lives on
it reads, “here is once was
from birth until death
in a simple quote i share with you
my last and final breath”

the last thing you hear
is the last thing that you know
the final thought of a bitter man
are the last words made of gold

broken or just unwise
expression like the dead
yet moral and destined
for someone to accept
patience is a crime
that's what young men just believe
answers in the distance
the road grows like the seed

“the hands that bury the eyes
yes, i have felt it too
i gave you the keys, now
put them to good use”
Track Name: Bigger Than Me
like the words inside the bible
like the cracks inside the tiles
like the ants that are crawling underground
like the strings that make up rope
like the stuff that makes up smoke
like the pallets that fill up the old warehouse

sometimes i feel like I am bigger than the city
i hate the thought that gods can never bleed
i like knowing something’s bigger than me

like the beer that makes me sleep
like the water inside the sea
like the voice that speaks to a thousand men
like the snow thats on the dirt
like the thread inside my shirt
like the drunken thoughts inside my head

the stars that make up the sky
and the dope that gets me high
the only car that’s on the road
that’s me and everyone i know
Track Name: Freelee The Banana Girl
once upon a time
a long time ago
god created animals
for everyone to eat
not just for you
and not just for me
but for everything that lives
and everything that breathes

till one day a vegan
who was smarter than the rest
told all of the meat eaters
i wish you were dead
animals are sacred
at least those with a face
to me they're the ones
that have the best taste
i’m hitler she cried
as loud as she did
this crazy blonde lady
is dictating my fridge
burgers and brats
bacon and eggs
how would you feel
if you couldn't eat this

freelee oh freelee
how stupid are you
your diets disgusting
and it smells when you poo
you say that you're angry
at the food on my plate
freelee oh freelee
a human mistake

in the arts of nutrition
so unaware
of the earths ecosystem
if we only eat fruits
and only eat greens
try to guess how
animals get extinct
save the cheerleader
end up saving the world
lets save the meat eaters
and kill this one girl
i hope that you die
i know thats extreme
but I'm willing to fight
for the right to eat meat

once upon a time
later than now
freelee will die
and no one cares how
nothing will change
not really that much
the earth still lives peaceful
except whats for lunch
Track Name: Nothin' But Time
something tells me i shouldn't drive home backwards
from a drive thru at 3 am
and maybe i shouldn't have hit that parked car
and left with no ticket in hand

cuz something else is coming up soon
karma is the only thing bigger than you
i got nothing but time, nothing to do
i got nothing but time and no brains too

smoking cigarettes and drinking too much beer
has been proven that it’s bad for my health
with a pack everyday and hammered 3 years straight
I've never and still don't tell

if I'm gonna die like the human i am
then I've got a couple things in my head
rob a few banks, maybe drive with a blindfold
thats the way i wanna drop dead
Track Name: Welcome To P.C. USA
i cant wait to be
talking on tv
they’d say what is your opinion on the
things going on today
are you talkin’ about death
are you talkin’ about weed
or the fact that everybody’s
correct politically
is it weird that I am straight
i think chicks are all the same
$15 bucks for minimum wage
burger flippers wanna be praised
everyone is privileged
with that everyones upset
this is my generation
and i hate them all for that

land of the tears
home of the pussies
come on down, welcome in to

people think I'm mexican
but i don't ever get mad
i think yellow lives matter
as much the white trash
im a little bit poor
good thing there’s welfare
i really want that iPhone
im only making it fair
lets talk about you
and your equality
i am a musician
could you please just kiss my feet
thats a little too much
or maybe it’s not
if you look at all the children
they're saying this shit a lot
this is the…

the kids are freaking lazy
when was your last text
im guessing it was now cuz
somethings wrong with your damn neck
were you just on snap chat
taking pictures of yourself
you're ugly cuz you fake bake
but you cant really tell
education is fake
it’s all about chicks
you're late for all your classes
and your parents pay for it
what is your degree
oh you don't know
you’re part of the reason why
this country is so broke
Track Name: Simple Life
i dont wanna spend my money when the price is high
dont make a lot of money but my car can drive
i got a blanket and a pillow and a half a tank of gas
gotta guitar and a banjo, and a pic in my hand
moneys tough to keep and moneys swift to lose
thats why i spend my money on cigarettes and booze
i go down to the tavern, almost every week
getting drunk off of some pitchers, one time i bought weed

a simple life, for a simple mind
and all i got is time
i’m gonna play these guitar strings
until the day i die

busking in the town of cripple creek
got a beer on the side making money on the street
got a brand new pack of cigarettes
cuz some kids came down and gave us a 10
i saw this one guy hopping all of the lines
of the crosswalk at a stop light
i guess lava was the ground when he went across the street
then he cheered himself on before the light turned green

tornados outside and the rain is flooding
the streets and i need a drink
all of my friends they fear the outside
so i went by myself and stayed the whole night
and I'm pretty sure if they ever came down
that night it would have been pretty lame
you cant rely on all of your friends
to keep you entertained
Track Name: You're A Good Kid
when i look at my peers
at the way they all dress
I'm so out of place
but momma says I'm blessed
i dont really fit in all that much
i dont really have friends, but thats ok

she said don't let anyone put you down
you don't have to listen to them
you're a good kid in your own kinda way
and don't you ever forget

rejection hurts in its own kind of way
like you're at a ballgame and getting picked last
now you're looking at the ground
just trying to make back it to class

the teacher doesn't like the way that you play
and the kids just like to laugh
there you are hiding in the bathroom
avoiding the shame from the class
Track Name: This Ain't News
sometimes i feel broken
sometimes i feel frozen
lately nothings
in my emotion

i got bad hair and old pants
2 weeks of my own fragrance
i got a worn out brain
nothings the same
this aint news

i dont know what to do
im no good for you
i know i haven't really
been there too
just being an ass
while you give me sass
no matter what happens I'm wrong

as i was walking out
you held the door shut
i went to bed
and you got up
i carried you back
and i slept on the couch
so you got mad and you walked out
Track Name: I Was A Fool
a kid left all alone
and no one knows why
not a whole lot of friends
he’d skate all the time
doesn't care about much
not much to begin

well, the times may have changed
and i was a fool
im pissed at the thought
but i miss it all too

playing pool by the mall
and busking downtown
he lives on his own
the trees might be green
but he’s playing the blues
even though he feels cold

well, the times may have changed
and i was a fool
im pissed at the thought
but i miss it all too

time ticks right away
its been few years
to some that’s a lot
isn't it strange
to think of your friends
when they all forgot

well, the times may have changed
and i was a fool
im pissed at the thought
but i miss it all too
well, the times may have changed
and i was a fool
im pissed at the thought
but i miss it all too
Track Name: Beautiful Blues
jarret was my boss, and we drank all the time
derek went crazy he’s a good friend of mine
and ever since then we all moved away
but i’ve been doing that since I was 8 years old

and jimmy’s doing fine, he’s drawing on skin
and lesleigh only likes one of her kids
joey went to jail for the gun in his hands
its all fun and games until you shoot your best friend

what a beautiful world

larry swore in into the air force
and kalene wont admit that she's a whore
and walt likes to chase after cougars all day
and blaine hates men even though he's gay

and bens girlfriend she don't trust him
he sent the wrong message while intoxicated
and now he feels like he’s a victim
even though it was an accident

what a beautiful world

kevin and ashley are doing just fine
they're smoking pot and frisbee golfing most of the time
and jesus pierced his ears with a paperclip
najee’s wife ditched him and went to texas

what a beautiful world
what a beautiful world